running shorts do you wear underwear

Running isn’t for the faint of heart and requires a lot of dedication to excel. Often times, you’re working up a sweat and need to stay comfortable. Many runners choose to wear a pair of form fitting shorts to reduce any discomfort that might occur while training. Some people may wonder, however, if they need to wear underwear with their running shorts. After all, many pairs of running shorts feature built-in lining that serves the purpose of undergarments. Do you really need to keep a safe distance between any potential fluids and your underwear?

The answer to this question is a little bit complicated. While some runners may choose to go commando and skip the undergarments completely, others find that wearing a pair of boxer briefs or briefs is the best option to ensure comfort and performance.

If you opt to wear underwear with your running shorts, make sure that they are breathable and moisture-wicking. You don’t want your underwear to be soaked with sweat as it can cause chafing and skin irritation. Ideally, you’ll want to select underwear that is made of fabrics like polyester and nylon as these materials are known for their ability to keep moisture away from the skin.

In addition, you’ll want to avoid chafing on your inner thighs or waistband by selecting a pair of underwear with a flat seam. This will eliminate any friction between your underwear and the lining of your running shorts. It’s also important to ensure that your underwear is fitted properly so that it doesn’t chafe or ride up during your run.

Keeping your underwear dry will also help to prevent moisture build up that can lead to bacteria and yeast infections. If you’re prone to issues like this, it’s important that you select a pair of underwear that is specifically designed for running and that is breathable.

Another benefit to keeping your underwear wicking and dry is that it will help to keep the area between your thighs cool and dry while you’re training. This is a vital area of your body that needs to breathe in order to maintain proper blood circulation and avoid unnecessary heat build-up that can cause sweating and chafing.

The decision to wear underwear or not with your running shorts is ultimately a personal one that will come down to comfort, personal preference, and the type of running shoes you have. If you’re unsure about what underwear to wear with your running shorts, consider trying a pair of soft, seamless running undergarments that are designed for exercise like a thong or briefs. They won’t create any unwanted friction or chafing with your running shorts and they will keep you cool, comfortable, and focused during your workout. If you’re not comfortable with any of these options, you can always opt to go without underwear and simply enjoy the fresh air and freedom of running on your own. Just be sure to take any chafing or discomfort seriously as it can cause serious issues with your running performance.

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