A smartphone-based home workout program could improve the health and wellbeing of shift-work nurses who often struggle to maintain an exercise routine due to their work schedules. Incorporating strength training into their daily routine will help nurses build muscle and lose weight while still having time to prepare for their next shift.

Shift work can disrupt circadian rhythms, which negatively impacts sleep quality and has been linked to a variety of chronic diseases. Fortunately, regular exercise can improve both the quality and quantity of sleep, which in turn can improve overall health. However, many nurses struggle to find the time to exercise, especially when working night shifts.

Studies have reported that nurses spend most of their shift sitting, and less than half of their time standing or walking. This suggests that nursing is a highly physically demanding occupation (Almajwal, 2015; Lee et al., 2005).

However, most nurses do not exercise regularly outside of work, primarily due to their busy schedules and the limited availability of exercise facilities (Lin, 2012). Furthermore, some nurses report that exercise after shifts leaves them feeling exhausted and depleted of energy.

Despite these barriers, several recent studies have found that an intervention combining an online home workout program with motivational support led to significant improvements in nurses’ physical and mental well-being. In one study, nurses who were provided with a smartphone-based workout app and guided through a 4-week training program demonstrated significant reductions in their symptoms of musculoskeletal pain and fatigue compared to a control group.

Nurses have busy schedules and little time to take care of themselves, but building muscle with a strength training system like X3 can be done in just 20 minutes per day. The X3 Bar System provides a full-body strength training workout that is low impact and easy on the joints, making it an ideal exercise for nurses. In addition, X3 works by lightening the load in joint-compromised positions and triggering the recruitment of stabilizing muscle groups to prevent injury.

If you’re a PRN nurse who gets called in to cover shifts last minute, adding a few high-intensity interval runs between your shifts can help keep you grounded and focused while you’re on the go. Just remember to stay hydrated! Whether you’re on your feet all day or mostly sat down, exercise will improve your mood, increase your energy levels and boost your immune system. Getting fit is the best way to fight off stress, anxiety and fatigue. So, grab your scrubs and get moving!

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