The best Arm Exercise Machines

There are many different types of arm exercise machines to choose from. You want to make sure that you pick the right one for your needs and workout environment, as well as your budget. You also want to consider which muscle groups you’re looking to target when choosing an arm machine.

Getting the most out of your arm workout means picking the right equipment to work your biceps, triceps, and other muscles that support your upper arms. The best arm exercise machines will help you get a full-body workout and improve your strength and endurance in these muscle groups.

The Bicep Curl or Preacher Curl Machine

This arm exercise machine mimics the bicep curl movement, which works the biceps on the front of your upper arms and the muscles in your forearm. It also engages the triceps on the back of your upper arms.

The Seated Dip/Tricep Extension Machine

This tricep extension machine works the triceps on the back and sides of your upper arms, as well as the muscles in your forearm. This machine also helps you get the range of motion right, which is important for proper form and effective results when training your triceps.

It’s a great addition to any arm workout routine, as it also helps you work out your chest and shoulders, says fitness expert Rachel Arndt. It’s a little easier to use than bodyweight dips and pull-ups, she adds, and you can use it to perform high rep, low weight sets as well.

You can also use it for more advanced triceps exercises, such as incline curls and snatches. It’s ideal for people who are new to the gym or for those who don’t have enough space in their home to set up a bench or other piece of equipment.

The Cable Lat Pull Down Machine

This type of arm exercise machine is perfect for people who want to train their lats, biceps, and other back muscles. It’s also a good choice for men who need to lift heavy in order to get their arms toned.

Using this machine, you’ll grip the handles with a palms-down or up wrist position and slowly extend your arms until they reach a full range of motion. You’ll then lower them back down to the starting position and repeat for a total of 3 sets of 12 reps.

Another way to reduce fat in your arms is with the seated row machine, according to D’Angona. This exercise is similar to the lat pull down but targets the mid-back, as opposed to the lats, which are closer to your shoulder.

It also works the triceps on the side and front of your arms, as well as the muscles in your chest and shoulders, she says. You can use it for more advanced triceps and biceps exercises, such as incline or flat curls.

The Twister

The twister is a great option for those who are on the go and need a portable arm exercise machine to use while traveling. The spring-loaded handles on this arm workout machine are easy to use and provide a comfortable, stable workout experience. You can easily adjust the resistance levels, so you can choose the appropriate level for your level of strength.

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