The Best Beginner friendly Home Workout for Women

For many beginner exercisers (or those returning to a fitness routine after a long hiatus) the gym can be a intimidating place. The equipment may look complicated and high-tech, and the room is often filled with people who look like they know exactly what they’re doing. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Starting a gym workout plan with a goal in mind and simple beginner at-home workouts that are designed to tone and strengthen the entire body is the best way to combat those feelings of intimidation and set yourself up for success.

Whether you’re a total beginner who has never touched weights before or a seasoned runner, cyclist, swimmer, or gym goer looking to start adding resistance training exercises to your fitness regimen, this Beginner friendly Home Workout for Women is just what you need. Created by Diana Mitrea, NYC-based trainer and co-founder of Stronger With Time for SELF, this full-body beginner’s strength training workout includes bodyweight only exercises including the plank, push up, and squat. These fundamental strength training moves target the most important muscles in the body for beginners, while also setting you up to do more difficult variations as your strength increases.

In addition to working the major muscle groups of the body, this beginner bodyweight strength workout for women also includes short cardio bursts to help get your heart rate up and burn some calories. Performing this workout on a regular basis will increase your endurance and help you burn calories to support your weight loss goals.

This upper body beginner workout targets the chest, biceps, and shoulders with simple movements that don’t require any weights. While the gym often uses plyo boxes, which are wooden boxes of varying heights, you can easily replicate this workout at home using any chair or bench that is stable.

While many beginner exercisers are worried that lifting weights will bulk them up, it’s a myth that weightlifting will lead to a bigger, undefined physique. In fact, women who lift weights regularly tend to be leaner and more toned than those who don’t. The key is to make sure that you are training the right muscles, using proper form, and not overdoing it.

With these simple at-home workouts, it’s easier than ever to start a beginner gym routine and see the results of your hard work. Stick to this workout plan, make healthy food choices, and be patient — you’ll soon be on your way to an even more fit, healthier body!

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