The clothes you wear have a big impact on how well you run. A good pair of men’s running shorts will keep you cool and comfortable while helping you to move faster with less friction. A pair of quality running shorts will also help you to avoid the chafing and blisters that can make running painful or even stop you from getting out there at all. The best running shorts are breathable and lightweight and have features to prevent chafing and chaffing.

The key features of a great pair of running shorts include:

Moisture-wicking fabric that moves sweat away from the skin, so you can stay dry and comfortable, especially in warmer weather. A wide waistband that feels soft on the skin, with plenty of stretch so it stays put while you move. An internal drawstring that you can adjust while wearing them, so you get a perfect fit. Finished, flat seams that reduce friction. You can’t have too many pockets when running, so look for a back pocket that’s fitted with a zipper (to hold your phone while you run) or a series of small drop-in waistband pockets that will carry keys and a credit card.

Some of the best running shorts have an inner liner to reduce chafing while you run. The inner liner acts like a built-in underwear that’s quick-drying and moisture-wicking. The inner liner also adds a bit of compression to help support your legs as they move against each other. The inner liner can be a mesh brief or a spandex-type compression tight, called a 2-in-1. If you have a history of chafing between the leg, consider a pair that has a built-in quarter-length liner.

When it comes to the inseam length of your running shorts, most runners prefer a 5-7 inch range. These are the most common lengths of running shorts, which balance modesty with the freedom of movement required to run well. Shorter running shorts can also be a little less restrictive in the thigh and knee area.

Runners who spend a lot of time on trail runs might want to consider a longer inseam option, which will offer more coverage and protection from the elements. These options are typically longer than the typical 7-8 inch running shorts, and will have a higher split hem that offers more room to move while still providing a modest cut.

These affordable men’s running shorts from Baleaf are made of a breathable, lightweight woven fabric that’s comfortable and durable. The lining is made of a boxer-brief style mesh that provides excellent support while running, and the inner waistband features a drawcord to dial in the fit. The shorts have a back pocket with a zipper, which can be helpful for holding your phone while you’re on the go. They also feature a high, angled waistline and reflective details for added visibility on the trails.

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