women in gym shorts

The right pair of workout shorts can take you from a hot yoga class to a sweaty run with friends and back again. But finding a pair that’s cute enough to wear out and about requires careful consideration. The best pair of workout shorts for women will have a flattering fit, stretchy fabric that moves with you and pockets big enough to hold your phone and keys. They’ll also come in a variety of lengths, from 2″ to 8″ inseams, to ensure you get the coverage you want for your favorite gym activities.

To make sure your new workout gear is ready for the test of time, washing them regularly is essential. Start by spot treating any visible stains with a gentle stain remover or solution of equal parts water and dish soap. Once you’ve given the shorts a once-over, toss them in your laundry with other light-colored items and whites to avoid any color bleeding or shrinking. Finally, air drying flat will keep them looking and feeling fresh.

The best workout shorts for women will be made from a high-quality, moisture-wicking material that can move as hard as you do. Look for fabrics like polyester and nylon that can pull sweat away from the body, as well as breathable and comfortable materials like cotton. You can even find stretchy shorts made from lycra and elastane that will give you the flexibility to move without sagging or stretching out.

Another important factor in finding a good pair of workout shorts is whether you prefer a low-waisted, mid-rise or uber high-waisted style. You can even find pairs with a sexy double scalloped leg opening that will stay put during deep squats. And, of course, there’s a wide range of colors and patterns to suit your personal aesthetic.

A good pair of workout shorts will fit you like a second skin and feel soft against your thighs, especially if they’re crafted from stretchy, buttery-soft fabric. The tight fit helps sculpt the waist and create a slimming illusion, and they’ll also be more likely to move with you rather than snag and ride up during moves like lunges.

Many fitness experts recommend Lululemon’s Align shorts as a great option for women who love to work out in the studio. They’re soft, wick moisture, and have a 4-inch inseam that works for all kinds of movement. Plus, multiple trainers and workout enthusiasts love that these shorts don’t show any seams or chafing.

These workout shorts from 1st Phorm are a super comfy and versatile pair for any exercise or lounging around. They’re perfect for your most intense training sessions at the gym and then you can easily go from there to a coffee date or lunch with your girlfriends. The soft, textured fabric is stretchy and lightweight, with a wide ribbed waistband that has a drawcord to adjust the fit and a sexy high-waisted cut. They also have a pocket that’s big enough for your phone and other essentials, as well as a zip-up front with a mesh panel.

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