Life Fitness IC7 Bike by review

The Life Fitness IC7 Bike by review is one of the top-rated commercial indoor cycles available on the market. It features a sleek design, an engaging digital experience, and an extremely accurate WattRate power meter that will appeal to both newbies and veteran cyclists. It also offers a Coach By Color intensity guide, which is something that all users will appreciate.

While the IC7 is more expensive than similar magnetic resistance spin bikes & indoor cycles, it’s worth noting that it does come with more robust technology to ensure that your workouts are exciting, motivating and effective. The Coach-by-Color feature helps to keep your training interesting and engaging while the WattRate Power Meter allows you to accurately track and compare your performance against other users of the machine or even your friends on Zwift.

The bike’s frame is also designed to be highly durable and maintenance-free. The front of the bike features a unique U shape that directs sweat away from the mechanism, which reduces the likelihood of corrosion and helps to prolong the machine’s lifespan. Additionally, the entire frame is covered with a black cover to protect against sweat and dust. The handlebars are also ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip with plenty of space for different cycling gloves.

For those who prefer to train with a more immersive digital experience, the IC7 comes equipped with an LED display that displays cadence, heart rate, resistance level and watts. The console is also self-powered, meaning that you don’t need to replace batteries frequently. Additionally, the screen is very easy to read and provides feedback on your time in each training zone and a breakdown of your maximum and average performance values.

Another cool feature of the IC7 is that it comes with dual-compatible pedals, which allow for both sneakers and cycling shoes to be worn at the same time. The pedals have a toe cage on one side and SPD compatible clips on the other.

The handlebars and seat on this model are both adjustable, but what sets them apart from other spinning bikes is that the handles have a gas-assisted post that lets you adjust them without getting off the bike. This is a huge improvement over previous models of Life Fitness’s spin bikes that required you to manually adjust them by turning the handlebar knob. In addition, the seat has a lever that allows you to adjust it vertically rather than having to tilt it up and down. This makes the IC7 a lot easier for people with back problems or injuries to use. The lever also provides a more precise adjustment than older style spin bikes that require you to turn the knob with your hands.

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