Things i wish i knew before starting my fitness journey

Things i wish i knew before starting my fitness journey

There are a lot of things that people are going to tell you that they wish they would have known when they started their own fitness journey – whether it be what to drink, supplements to take, meal timing, etc. I find that a lot of new people get overwhelmed with all of these details and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, which is simply burning more calories than you are eating and getting consistent with training.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Often times people will be more than happy to help you learn the mechanics of a certain machine or how to properly execute a movement. If you are unsure about something, ask someone that is working out with you for help or even do a quick YouTube search! Having a friend join you for your first few workouts can be a great way to help you feel less intimidated.

You will need to prioritize protein & whole foods in order to see results. If you are not consuming enough protein (and other nutrients), your body will not be able to repair & grow. Eating the right amount of nutrients also ensures that you are able to train as hard as possible. You can’t train a malnourished body and expect to make major changes!

Your life ebbs and flows, and your fitness journey will follow suit. You will have some days where you will be stoked to hit the gym and others where you’ll wake up feeling achy, tired and unmotivated. It’s okay to have these rough days – just don’t let them derail your progress! You will always come back stronger from a setback than you were before it. Just think about what you’ve learned & use it as motivation!

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