Where Luxury and Fitness Meet

Where Luxury and Fitness Meet

Unlike your typical gym, luxury studios offer a truly unique experience. They attract a clientele of demanding customers by focusing on personalization, exclusive training spaces, innovative technology, wellness and relaxation. Their unique approach sets them apart from the competition and ensures long-term success. Incorporate some of these luxury gym strategies into your own studio to delight your clients and secure their loyalty.

A definite step up from the typical fitness center, the new headquarters of the international LifeTime Fitness chain in Bridgewater, NJ is designed like a high-end hotel. The club offers the usual group classes (like yoga and cycling) and personal training, but it also has its own spa, sauna, and even a water slide that loops into an outdoor pool. The most interesting feature, however, is its 30,000-square-foot rooftop terrace where members can swim laps and hang poolside, country club-style, all summer long.

At the same time, digme, a brand owned by German fitness giant RSG Group, is aiming for a more intimate environment in its London studios. The pay-as-you-go studios offer a more flexible fitness experience than traditional gyms, with both boxing-based HIIT and a cycle studio. The space is dappled with light and features wood-paneled exercise equipment and tastefully curated décor, making you feel as if you’re stepping into a museum of modern art.

To attract the best talent, luxury studios prioritize first-class training rooms with a bespoke design. The ambiance of your facility can make or break the user’s experience, so consider designing an inspiring environment that will motivate and inspire your clients. Also, invest in specialized strength machines equipped with sensors that analyze and provide feedback on your member’s movements and posture. This will help them train more efficiently and safely.

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