Where Luxury and Fitness Meet

Where Luxury and Fitness Meet

The burgeoning fitness scene is redefining the way affluent consumers live. A growing obsession with social media and the desire to project a healthful lifestyle have led affluent consumers to aspire to a fit and healthy life style.

One of the most enticing ways to achieve this is by living in a luxury apartment community with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. These facilities often include top of the line workout equipment including Peloton bikes, heavy rope puller machines or even kick boxing rings and weights.

What’s more, many high-end gyms are introducing features and technology that will make your next workout even better. These may include virtual reality workouts, biofeedback equipment and even a slew of apps that can help you stay motivated.

A new breed of wellness brand is blending the best of traditional and contemporary design into a highly functional and fun experience. These are the brands that affluent consumers are looking for.

The most interesting of these wellness experiences are those that combine high-end fitness with spa treatments, yoga sessions and other bespoke services to create a truly immersive experience. These are the spas that are attracting more affluent customers, and the ones that are generating buzz.

This high-end exercise facility boasts a full-service spa, with massage therapy, body treatments and aromatherapy, to name just a few of the offerings. It also has a large indoor pool, an outdoor terrace and a juice bar.

The name is a bit of a mouthful, but this facility is definitely worth a look for its impressive array of high-end equipment. Its signature ‘Hanging Wall’ and ‘Flying Wall’ are among the most innovative pieces of equipment on offer.

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