Who Is Using Outdoor Fitness Equipment and How

Fitness equipment is becoming a staple feature of parks and public spaces across the country. Not only is it an effective workout for people of all ages, but it also offers a space for community members to get together and exercise in a social setting. The use of outdoor fitness equipment can even offer a variety of benefits to individuals who are able to take advantage of it, such as improved moods and lowered stress levels.

Many communities struggle to encourage physical activity in their residents. This is largely due to financial and location barriers that prevent people from spending time at a gym on a regular basis. In order to combat this issue, some cities have installed outdoor fitness equipment at local parks. In these facilities, visitors can work out in a safe and convenient environment with no costs involved.

However, it is important to note that these parks do not necessarily offer comprehensive training on how to use the equipment. As a result, many users lack the confidence to use the fitness equipment and may experience injuries. Therefore, it is important for governments and other organizations to conduct information sessions in which professional trainers can instruct users on how to properly use the equipment.

In addition to these information sessions, it is recommended that local communities and private entities install equipment at parks or other areas that are accessible to all ages and abilities. In doing so, they can create active exercise based spaces that provide a wide variety of exercises for everyone to enjoy. This can include fitness equipment for the entire family to use, as well as inclusive playgrounds, interactive play and sports equipment.

While outdoor fitness equipment is widely used in parks, little research has been done on how older adults perceive and utilize the facilities. In an effort to understand the use and impact of OFE among older adults, the author conducted semi-structured interviews with 55 senior OFE users at two parks in Taiwan. The following are some key findings of the study:

Many OFE users change their behaviors for one piece of equipment. This is due to the fact that some individuals are sore after using a certain type of equipment or they desire to increase the difficulty of their workouts. For this reason, it is critical that manufacturers of fitness equipment make their products intuitive to use and provide instructions on how to operate each unit.

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