Women’s running shorts with pockets can help you stash snacks, ID, money and keys to prevent them from falling out mid-run. They’re also great for holding energy gels and other essentials, like a spare key or phone for when you get locked out of your car. Having a secure, easily accessible pocket will help you stay motivated to continue tackling the miles.

The pockets in running shorts come in a variety of sizes and locations, and some are better than others for keeping items securely stashed during your run. Look for a zippered pocket to reduce the risk of your belongings falling out while you’re moving and also consider the number and location of pockets to see what suits your needs best.

While some runners prefer a lined inner brief liner that looks and feels more like underwear, this is a personal preference. Some find it adds comfort and helps prevent chafing, while others don’t think it’s necessary. Loose-fitting, two-in-one women’s shorts have an inner liner that combines with the main short for a seamless fit. These tend to be heavier than loose, standalone women’s running shorts with an inner liner and can often roll up on your thighs during fast runs, negating the purpose of the liner.

Whether you want to go without a liner or with one, there are a wide variety of options to choose from, and some come in a few different lengths, too. In addition to choosing a size and style that fits your needs, it’s worth considering how many inches of leg coverage you want, since this can impact the amount of sweat you’ll be exposed to.

Some women’s running shorts have a large, zippered side pocket that can hold a phone and some smaller items. This can be handy for running in warmer weather or when you’re out on a sunny day and need to carry a water bottle.

For some, small waistband pockets or ones incorporated into the mesh panels are enough. These are great for carrying keys and a card, but may be too small to accommodate a smartphone (which you’ll likely keep in your shoe anyway).

If you don’t need any extra storage, consider women’s running shorts that have one or two zip pockets at the back of the waistband to secure your belongings. This will prevent them from jostling and potentially falling out during your run, as well as being a good choice for running in colder conditions. The fabric in these women’s running shorts is quick to dry and stretchy, and it’s available in a few different colors so you can match them with your favorite running shoes. These no-frills running shorts from Decathlon are an affordable and convenient option for those who don’t like to pay for bells and whistles. They feature a built-in brief liner, mesh ventilation, and reflective accents to keep you visible in low-light conditions. They’re also comfortable and have a small side split to offer a little more freedom of movement.

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